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From September, László Tüttő took over the position of Commercial Manager of Business Lease Hungary. László joined the Business Lease management team as a Remarketing Manager in 2020 and under his leadership managed to show significant results in the business.“Due to the radical transformation taking place in the automotive industry, it is becoming an increasingly difficult task for companies to find the ideal form of mobility and financing for them. Business Lease offers personalized services to its partners, ie with the help of our consultants with decades of experience in the automotive industry, we find the most up-to-date, reliable and cost-effective solutions to meet individual needs. Whether it's full operating leasing, short-term car rental, fleet management, public transport or e-mobility, we believe that in the future a leasing company will be able to be truly successful with a complex mobility service that can meet the mobility needs of companies using all transport alternatives. ” - said László Tüttő, the newly appointed commercial director of Business Lease Hungary.

Tüttő László - kereskedelmi igazgató Business Lease

László Tüttő has more than 20 years of commercial experience in the automotive industry, which he has gained at market-leading brands such as General Motors, Opel, PSA, Suzuki. He has extensive experience in direct sales, sales negotiations, and significant marketing and business management experience in a multinational environment in Hungary and the Eastern European region. Throughout his career, he has organized and managed a number of sales promotion projects, partner events, product demonstrations, and test management programs. It has a wide network of key decision-makers in various areas of the economy, such as the FMCG, the pharmaceutical industry, the energy or IT sector, insurance, or finance.The Business Lease team wishes László much success in his new position.

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