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Personalized driving trainings for company car drivers



Most of the car accidents are caused at parking-this is the result of the Business Lease’s research about accidents

Budapest, 22 February, 2017. Business Lease offers personalized driving trainings for company car drivers together with Union and DrivingCamp. Based on a research of thousands of company cars it came out that 35,21% of the crashes caused at parking; the most expensive accidents happen because do not keep safety distance but the ratio of the do not give right of way is also one of the most often reasons of accidents.

Business Lease, their insurance broker and Union as insurance provider made a huge research and prepared a database from the last 5 years’ company car accidents and this database gives a great opportunity how to decrease these accidents and lower the frequency in Hungary. The database gives the option to see all accidents on drivers’ level and this useful information gives Business Lease to offer a special training for them to decrease the frequency and the amount of the caused damage. This database does not contain those accident reasons which not related to drivers’ behavior: natural perils, theft and robbery, willow and windscreen damage, impairment or fire damage.

“As a responsible company and as a mobility provider consultant our company is committed to decrease the caused accidents and later not to happen to save costs for our clients and decrease their TCO.” Says Gábor Trybek, the Commercial Manager of Business Lease Hungary, which provides full operational lease and mobility solutions for their customers. “If we prevent accidents with personal injuries we save costs for our partners who can focus on their core business and work more effectively. This special preventing training also helps us to avoid the negative impacts on nature: less repairs mean less parts to provide in big factories. “

The database gives priceless information that helped to work out personalized driving trainings for Business Lease’s customers with Driving Camp. The training helps drivers to eliminate/get around the previously made mistakes with theoretical and technical parts. This key-moment helps to decrease the number of caused accidents.

“Our professional team set up a professional training program for the Top 5 claim reasons by frequency. The training itself is unique and available only at Driving Camp, because it is based on a special database provided by insurance partners. After the short theoretical session drivers’ learn basic things, like right seat-setup, right wheel-setup, breaking or steering on slippery surface. If the basics knowledge is ok, the next step is the special training part: all modules helps to prevent claims. For example: reversing, evasive maneuvers, parking, target breaking on different speed.” Says László Csörgő, head trainer at Driving Camp.

The partners who participated in providing this special database offers a unique personalized driving trainings that could really help to prevent accidents and claims.

“The optimal claim handling method is to prevent them effectively” says Gabriella Almássy, the member of Union Insurance company. “The training will reach its aim if the companies who take part in this session have less accidents and their drivers’ reach home without causing any accidents. In a longer perspective the company car fleet with less accidents provide better damage-ratio which causes insurance fee decrease as well. “

Top 5 claim reasons by frequency: *

Top 5 claim reasons by claim amount: *


*Data source: Business Lease, their insurance broker and Union database based on thousands of company cars.

About Business Lease

Business Lease is an expert in providing full operational leasing and mobility solutions for both large companies and small and medium-sized businesses in the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, the Check Republic, and in Hungary. Business Lease has extended its Central-European market expansion to Romania by the end of 2014. Business Lease Group is a subsidiary of AutoBinck Holding, which is one of the twenty largest automotive groups in Europein terms of turnover. Business Lease has exceptional proficiency in the fields of operative leasing and fleet management. Business Lease Group's entire car portfolio consists of 45 thousand cars.


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