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Fresh on the company car fleet market: complete service package for light commercial vehicles




Customers can save a lot of money with the „Logistic Solutions” package provided by Business Lease Hungary Ltd.

Budapest, 8 September, 2017- Business Lease Hungary Kft. which works in the operational and fleet management field had a brilliant year in 2016 in connection with business successes and customer/driver satisfaction came up with a great idea: a full and complete service package is available for companies using light commercial vehicles and or small buses.

The company, which has been working in Europe more than 25 years offers a solution called „Logistic Solutions” reflects the „Same cars, better care” philosophy: the car is just a car, the focus is on the Care.

„It is very important to emphasize, that we can say that a service is complete, if the elements are and can be personalized to the company’s wishes and needs, as these are the most important differences between companies. The new service we offer is personalized directly to the customer’s needs, which is unique and incomparable on the company car market: this kind of complex services were not available. We work with reliable and trustable service providers all over the country. We do full repair and maintenance and we give substitute cars immediately, which means that our client do not loose time and money-of course. We provide telemetric system that informs us about the car’s service needs for example. These are only examples but it totally reflects our service we provide: high quality, complex and personalized.” Says Zsolt Angyal, Operations Manager at Business Lease Hungary Kft.

The advantages of this new service package are: fixed monthly fees that contains: financing, service, maintenance, insurances (MTPL, Casco, GAP), substitute car, road side assistance, seasonal tires, optional elements can be telemetric system, special structures, tilt, stickering.

“We are very proud that we can provide a new service package and solution for companies using light commercial vehicles which is literally complex: it contains all smaller elements and we can say that there is no request we can not fulfil. End-to-end, from the decision to stickering we cover everything. Our professional and expert colleagues help our customers with their consultancy attitude to find the best cars and find the best solution for every customer with special needs. As we focus on the cars, the customers can focus on their core activity with less administrative work. If one of your light commercial vehicle or small bus is in service has a huge impact on your business results: you cannot work and earn money with the car. Our new package helps you to prevent this situation and to avoid this inconvenient situation. Our professional team and high quality services supports to keep the contracted work or delivery with minimising the occurred costs and improve the company’s efficiency and performance. There is another huge advantage: in this type of financing you do not have to invest your own money into a car for 4 or more years, you can use this amount of money to develop your business. I must say that our slogan for “Logistic Solutions” says our main message: “It is light and easy to lease light commercial vehicles from Business Lease” says Vincent van der Meijden, Managing Director of Business Lease Hungary Kft.