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One stop shopping

You are always offered the best solutions to reach your company goals, whether it’s lease or rent.

Enjoy the benefits of one stop shopping: less work and more cost-effectiveness. : we offer you flexible contracts and an optimal service. With the comfort of one contact, one invoice. That’s  less hassle and more savings.

  • Same service
  • Less costs
  • More comfort

Blue care

Costsaving saving nature.

For real corporate social and sustainableresponsibility we look beyond our daily business. And also beyond a single green product or environmental compensation. We call it Blue Care:  a philosophy, not a product. Built on pillars like solidarity, sustainability and total costs of mobility. You will be pleased to hear that saving the environment can be cost saving at the same time. Tip: your savings can be measured by our Blue Care monitor.

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A car, based on care

a car seat for your little ones

Care for you is our way to meet your special demands. Your satisfaction is our driver. Care goes beyond personal attention and consultancy. It’s also very concrete in connection to the car(s): a tow bar or a car seat for your little ones. Discover what we can do for you. Sign up for an offer. We’ll make one you cannot refuse.

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Tax regulations

Talking about rentals; you need to be aware of the latest tax rules. They are just as important (and complex!)  in rental as they are in leasing. They change on a regularly basis. Don’t worry. We will help you and keep you informed on all issues and developments.

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