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Car Fleet management

Enjoy the driving, leave the managing to us

You have chosen to finance your car fleet yourself. Let us together explore if our fleet management program can save you time and costs, while your drivers benefit from all the comfort of our care. Let us work as partners, you financing your fleet, and we providing our know how and care. Please see our 5 step Fleet management model:

Initial analysis

Together we will analyze your fleet on all cost aspects and want to know everything about your company needs and goals.

“I could not imagine the savings we have achieved”

The “better care” of Business Lease became already clear during the pleasant open conversations with the account manager. The analysis was remarkable and the advice fully in line with our company needs and goals. What we achieved? Higher comfort for our drivers, less hassle for our fleet manager and almost 20% savings on our car fleet operation.

(if you want full details of this client story or want to get in contact with this client , please contact us).

Curious about the saving potential and benefits for your car fleet? Contact us!