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Delivery and Return

Levering en inleverenYes! Your car is ready for delivery. An excellent delivery requires perfect cooperation of all involved parties. You will experience our care through a smooth process, from delivery to return of your car.

I am receiving a new car

How can we help you?

The delivery date has been postponed.

I lease

You want to receive your car as soon as possible, but sometimes the delivery date is postponed. We do our utmost to make sure that the expected delivery date is the actual delivery date. We keep you informed about the final date of delivery. If you have any questions, please contact Business Lease by telephone on: +36 1 886-9250

What do I need to check when my car is delivered?

I lease

To make sure that you receive the correct car and services, we kindly ask that you check the following elements:

  • check whether the specification of the ordered vehicle, including options and accessories, complies with the Delivery and Acceptance Report.
  • Check the condition of the vehicle inside and out.
  • Please also check the presence of the following documents:
    1. vehicle registration certificate
    2. owners manual
    3. warranty booklet
    4. certificate of obligatory insurance/insurance green card
    5. drivers authorization
    6. accident report forms
    7. mandatory equipment (first aid kit, emergency triangle, safety vest, etc.)
    8. radio code 
  • Complete and sign both copies of the Delivery and Acceptance Report. 
  • Retain one copy of the Delivery and Acceptance report and hand over the second copy to the dealer personnel.
The car I have received is not the one I ordered

I lease

Please, do NOT sign the Delivery and Acceptance Report. (If you have signed the documents, it means you have accepted the car!) You need to contact Business Lease immediately by telephone on +36 1 886-9250. Together, we will determine the steps to be taken next in order to find a proper solution. 

I want to return my car

How can we help you?

Where can I return my car?

I lease

We would like to inform you that your vehicle will be inspected upon returning it to the address below:
Business Lease Hungary Használtautó Telephely Budapest, District XI, Budaörsi út 1092/7 hrsz.


To avoid any unforeseen delay in the service, please let us know when you are planning on returning your vehicle at: or by calling +36/70/940-1859 or +36/30/635-3947.

The return process will take approximately 20 minutes during Opening Hours.

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-16:30

What do I need to return besides the car?

I lease

Besides the car, you must return the following items:

  1. vehicle registration certificate 
  2. ownership certificate
  3. car manual
  4. car maintenance booklet 
  5. main- and spare keys, including remote controls 
  6. alloy wheel locks (if applicable) 
  7. code cards and data carriers for navigation and audio systems
  8. certificate for air-conditioning, alarm or LPG installation 
  9. all accessories included in the lease contract