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Please, give us your opinion

We value your opinion. It helps us to improve our services.

Please, give us your opinion


Business Lease: Same Cars , Better Care

Our service distinguishes itself by providing partnership and attention. Each leasing company provides the same cars, but service, quality and people make the difference. That is our strength. Therefore it is important for us to know how customers and drivers experience our services. Only in this way we can guarantee quality and improvement to deliver Best Care.

How do we measure?

To measure customer satisfaction Business Lease works with independent research company Feeddex . Through online surveys, we invite both fleet managers and drivers to evaluate our service. Fleet managers are asked for their opinion on our service once a year. Drivers receive a random invitation to participate in the survey.

What we do with the results of the study?

The survey pictures how customers of Business Lease experience our service. In addition, it provides insight into our strengths and areas for improvement, which we use to optimize our service for you.