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35% fleet growth and excellent customer satisfaction at the Business Lease Hungary Kft.



Business Lease Hungary Kft. who works in the company car lease market with operational lease, fleet management and mobility solutions reached 35% fleet growth in 2016. The company has been working in Hungary since 2006. They continuously work on to build stable and fair partnership with their customers based on trust and in 2016 the numbers show that the company did a great job and it came to fruition.

Business Lease Hungary, as part of the Business Lease Group with more that 25 years of presence in Europe was able to build real and strong partnership with their customers and built a strong network thanks to the “Better care” philosophy. The company recognized in time that there is a huge need for high-quality services and innovative solutions on the market and this is the reason why the focus is on Care and not on the cars which are the same everywhere, like their slogan says: Same cars, better care.

It is no matter if we talk about fleet managers, drivers or suppliers, the colleagues at Business Lease always focus on providing high-quality services and solutions for their customers. In 2016, the satisfaction surveys showed these great efforts: the Customer Satisfaction survey results for the year was 9,3 out of 10, the Drivers Satisfaction Survey result was 9,2 out of 10. These results and numbers shows that the “Better care” philosophy works in the daily life and has a huge impact on providing care and leads to satisfied and happy customers.

“I am very proud on my team and the great results we reached in the last year. The secret is the employees’ proficiency, know-how and customer-focus care approach. This fantastic team is expands and with our innovation and new technologies we do not forget the importance of the human touch which is necessary to make our company successful.” said Vincent van der Meijden, the Managing Director of Business Lease Hungary.

The company had a successful year but also from HR aspects as well: András Török became the new CFO of the company, who worked as Controller for 2,5 years and on Group level there was another change: Vincent Peeters became the new CEO of the Business Lease Group, who worked as the MD of Business Lease Netherland previously.