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The new speed control operates at full capacity from 5 April 2016



Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you that the new fixed and mobile speed controls-called “Véda” intelligent road cameras started to operate from the 5 April, 2016.
As we previously communicated about this new system these cameras not only control speed limit but they have functions like: automatic license plate recognition, counting traffic. Next to it the police check the usage of safety belts, breach of No entry or Mandatory Direction, crossing a centerline, using bus lanes.

In Hungary 365 fixed speed control devices set up and 160 mobile speed control cameras are also used.

The proper places can be found on the link below clicking on the police’s website.

We would like to highlight the importance of safe and careful driving as besides other things; accidents and penalties both can occur when drivers are not following the Hungarian Highway Code.

Best regards:

The Team of Business Lease Hungary