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Business Lease grew by 20 percent in the first half of 2016



The Managing Director of Business Lease Hungary, Vincent van der Meijden, will also lead the Slovakian subsidiary of the group offering 21st-century mobility solutions

Continuing the stable growth of the previous years, Business Lease Hungary Kft. increased the number of contracts by 20 percent in the first half of 2016. The company offering 21st-century mobility solutions expects growth of a similar size in the remaining part of the year. The managing director of the company, Vincent van der Meijden, will also lead the Slovakian subsidiary of the leasing enterprise starting from August 1.

Business Lease Hungary Kft. successfully achieved the goals it set for the first half of 2016. The company, which places a growing emphasis on complementary mobility services in addition to leasing vehicles, increased the size of its portfolio by 20 percent. „Based on our forecasts and ongoing negotiations, the expansion achieved in the first half of the year will continue in the second half as well. Cost awareness is an integral part of competitiveness, and a growing number of companies recognize that they can significantly reduce their expenditures on mobility. Today they are consciously looking for well-prepared partners in this area as well” – emphasized Vincent van der Meijden.

The managing director will also lead the Slovakian sister company from 1 August 2016, as its current leader fulfill his new position at the parent company of Business Lease Group. The management of the group expects Vincent van der Meijden to continue strengthening the position of Business Lease in the Slovakian market and to expand the vehicle fleet of the company and introduce new mobility solutions, just as he had managed to do in Hungary.

The Slovakian market is not entirely new to the managing director. „Previously I have worked in Slovakia as the Director Operations of the company, I know both the regional and the national market, which has great growth opportunities” – he emphasized.

Source: Goodwill