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Blue Care

Responsibility has a name

It's easy to simply state that we take our corporate social responsibility seriously through Blue Care. It's more important to act this way. And we do.You will experience it in our three pillars:Solidarity, Sustainability and Total Cost of Mobility.

Total Costs of Mobility

We always focus on all direct and indirect costs to help you manage your overall costs of mobility. You will get a very transparent and clear insight into these costs, at both the corporate and driver level, and every level in between.We take all cost elements in consideration, even the emission of CO2 and its consequences onthe total costs. This knowledge - and our consultancy -  is the basis for reducing your total expenditure. Subsequently we translate your individual situation into concrete advice and actions.

TCM: Blue Care Monitor

As partners, your needs and wishes are leading for us. 

We always look for less hassle and more savings for you. 

The Blue Care Monitor, part of our Blue Care philosophy, provides you online with advices and ideas how to gain savings and have a more sustainable fleet. It gives you a direct overview of your fleet status, per specific topic :

The Blue Care monitor will be a great support in making your drivers aware of their driving behavior.