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Blue Care

Responsibility has a name

It's easy to simply state that we take our corporate social responsibility seriously through Blue Care. It's more important to act this way. And we do.You will experience it in our three pillars:Solidarity, Sustainability and Total Cost of Mobility.


We work according to the principle that people make the difference. All people. Not only at work, but also in their direct or indirect environment. That has to be safe and healthy. Business Lease offers that, with concrete actions.

100% CO2 neutral

The awareness of climate issues is growing and growing. Business Lease compensates all CO2 emissions and is proud on its Gold Standard label: the leading sustainability label for CO2-reduction projects. You can be sure: Business Lease is a 100% CO2 neutral company.

Welcome to Blue Care

Mobility has a direct link with the environment. Business Lease supports the sustainable mobility and as part of our blue care program, Business Lease Hungary decided to purchase a 100% electric Nissan Leaf vehicle, with 0% CO2 emission, in 2013. 

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With this car we stimulate the environmental friendly solutions among our actual and future Clients.

Safe working conditions

Our employees deserve the best possible working conditions, safe and healthy. Training, good working spaces and continuous improvement are part of this. We care about you. And of course we care about our people.

Investment in sustainable projects

Business Lease always invests in sustainability projects. Our criteria for selection: we're looking for qualitative and concrete projects, to keep an eye on the development and to give clear answers on possible questions of you. A good example is our Cookstove: an investment project in Kenya.


A special wood oven - the Cookstove - has been developed and distributed in Kenya as a replacement for traditional cooking on open fires. The Cookstove needs less wood and reduces the CO2 emissions significantly. The results are great: 80% less smoke, cleaner air, fewer health problems, faster cooking and local employment.

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Safety for drivers

You will notice our drive to do our utmost in stimulating the safety of our drivers. Of course, safety in traffic depends on more factors than the behavior of the driver. But that 's where we can add value, with e-learning tools and training in driving skills. Please, drive safely, and improve your knowledge, skills and consciousness.