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It's not the car, it's our care

We are not in the car business. Care is our core. You will experience this the minute you are sharing your needs with us. Your personal needs and company goals are the starting point of our partnership, resulting in a total service approach. Whether you are a fleet manager, driver or supplier; we are at your service. You can count on our highly motivated and professional employees. After all, care is a people business. We only have one mission: becoming the best caring lease company in the world for you. And we will!

MR Appointment

Good news for you and your car.

Business Lease offers maintenance and repair services with our Blue Carpet Treatment. We collect and return your car where and when you want it.

When your car needs to be taken care of, you only have to log onto your Care Online account.

The online tool for lease car drivers. Now you can easily plan your appointment in 4 simple steps, available on any device.

From Europe, with care

Business Lease started in the Netherlands in 1989. Since then we have a solid reputation in all aspects of car fleet management. We focus on offering the best possible care to customers, drivers and suppliers as reflected in our slogan: same cars, better care.

Our clients, fleet managers and drivers, highly appreciate our way of working. The result: a successful care philosophy and companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania  and the Netherlands.

We care everywhere

Our countries

The care of our parent company

Founded more than 100 years ago, AutoBinck is currently one of the main contenders in the European automotive market. Supported by modern technology and dynamic entrepreneurship, AutoBinck’s main focus is; vehicle distribution, car retail, vehicle leasing, fleet management and related financial and mobility services and the distribution and sales of parts and accessories.

AutoBinck has 50 subsidiary companies and 2,500 employees worldwide and is active in 8 countries in Europe. The annual turnover is circa 1 billion euros. In terms of turnover, AutoBinck is one of the twenty largest automotive groups in Europe.

You are always welcome to visit the site of AutoBinck Holding.

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Autonomous test drive

New technologies in the company car market

We organized a test drive event for cars with autonomous driving functionalities. Watch our video about the event on the link below.

Blue Care
- a philosophy -

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We deliver care to you, in every way. Also beyond our business context. Blue Care is the name of this promise. No, it’s not a green product or service. It's our philosophy. In your daily life you will experience our care via many services and individual actions.

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Pleased to
meet you

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If you want to know more about Business Lease as an employer, here you get to know our employees, managers and recruitment. Click here and you'll find all the information.

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can find us

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You're just one click away from all relevant information about addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of our European offices.
We hope to hear from you soon.

We care everywhere