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There's no difference between our cars and those of other lease companies. It is our people that make the difference. You will always experience their care; everywhere. As a driver you will be helped by highly qualified people, instead of a call centre. As a fleet manager you will have a flexible partner to support you. We deliver care: with less complexity and more savings. 24/7, every day!

same cars, better care


Mon 1 Aug

Business Lease grew by 20 percent in the first half of 2016


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Wed 29 Jun

Business Lease Group wins Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award


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Thu 21 Apr

The new speed control operates at full capacity from 5 April 2016


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Wed 13 Apr

Important information regarding damage claims


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Wed 9 Mar

Seasonal tire change spring 2016


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Mon 21 Dec

New invoicing rules in connection with the agreement of deferred terms


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